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About iFarm

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About the Venue

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Post Show Report 2018

Product Groups for iFarm Exhibition

Greenhouse Construction Projects, Greenhouse Materials and Plastics, Heating and Air Conditioning for Greenhouses, Irrigation Systems for Greenhouses, Greenhouse Lighting Systems, Greenhouse Automation

Seed and Maintenance:
Vegetables Seed, Vegetable Seed Correction, Fruits Seed, Lawn ad Flower Seed, Products and Maintenance Equipment, Fertilizers

Vegetables and Fruit Trees, Seedling and Sapling Production, Tree Planting Equipment
Plant Nutrition and Maintenance:
Plant Growth Regulators, Post-harvest Protection, Soil Improvement, Pesticides and Chemical Fertilizers, Fertilizers for Drip irrigation, Liquid Mineral Fertilizers, Biological Fertilizers, Plants Cultivation

Organic Farming:
Organic Farming Products and Inputs, Organic Farming Productions, Organic Farming Fertilizers, Licensing Institutes for Organic Farming

Services and Supplies:
Project Design, Consulting and professional Services, Monitoring Services, Control Services, Testing Services, Measuring Instruments, Banks and Financial Services for Agriculture, Agricultural Research and Analysis Services, Crop Insurance

Irrigation Systems and Equipment:

Drip Irrigation Systems, Sprinkler Irrigation Systems, PE Pipes & Fittings, Irrigation Pumps, Fountains, Water Examination Systems, Water and Soil Research Equipment

Agricultural Mechanization:

Tractors and Equipment, Agricultural Machinery for Farming & Gardening, Agricultural Machinery for Small Farms, Automation Systems, Product Packaging Systems and Machines, Product Maintenance Machinery, Product Maintenance and Storage Systems, Disinfection and Sterilization Turbines, Factory Machines, Lawn Mower and Equipment

Greenhouse and its technologies:

Greenhouse Construction Projects, Greenhouse Materials and Plastics, Heating and Air Conditioning for Greenhouses, Irrigation Systems for Greenhouses, Greenhouse Lighting Systems, Greenhouse Automation

Inviting Trade Visitors

The following associations are invited:

Tractor, Combine, Machines and Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers Association - Union of Manufacturers and Exporters of Agricultural Machinery and Instruments - Associations’ Union for Producers of Agricultural Fertilizers Iran - Association of Pesticide Manufacturers - Association for Improved Seeds Importers of Iran -  Trade Unions of Agriculture, Machinery and Instruments, Farmers, Aviculture - Guild Chambers of Iran - Central Organization of Rural Cooperatives of Iran - Leading Universities in Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary of Iran

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Why iFarm ?

iFarm Exhibition attempts to present new products, prepare an opportunity for interaction between manufacturers, businessmen and trade visitors in the field of agriculture, livestock and poultry, introduce new achievements, and facilitate negotiations & singing of contracts.

  • Ready-made platform for visiting representatives and distributors
  • Expanding the brand and maintaining customer loyalty
  • Access to trade visitors and businessmen from neighbor countries
  • Access to profitable and developing domestic market of Iran as well as Middle East market
  • Connecting with distributors and middlemen
  • An opportunity to identify and connect with reputable domestic and foreign companies
  • Evaluate possible methods for improving agriculture, livestock and poultry, gardening and irrigation systems
  • Using the advertisements to promote participants
  • Recognition of scientific, research and industrial abilities of Iran and improving the relation between universities and industrial centers


نمایشگاه کشاورزی

Shahr-e Aftab International Exhibition Center

  • Permanent indoor exhibition halls with total area of 25,000 square meters.
  • Temporary indoor space (tent) about 28,000 square meters, which will be replaced by permanent halls in further phases.
  • Melal (Nations) Hall with more than 7,000 square meters.
  • Suitable space for holding multiple conferences and workshops.
  • Other facilities (restaurant, coffee shop, supermarket, etc.), each one with more than 2,000 square meters

Services in the exhibition space

  • Dedicated metro station for Shahr-e Aftab
  • Provision of bank services with Bank-e Shahr branch stationed in the exhibition, and ATM machines
  • Numerous parking spaces in the exhibition for 11,000 vehicles
  • Shahrvand store

Other features

  • Easy access to the exhibition through Khalij-e Fars Highway, Shahid Tondgooyan Highway, and Shahid Mahalati Highway.
  • No traffic limitations for transferring equipment and machinery.
  • Proximity to Imam Khomeini International Airport
  • Provision of all necessary facilities for exhibitors to set up machinery and equipment
  • Green space with more than 40 hectares


نمایشگاه کشاورزی


نمایشگاه کشاورزی

Exhibition Center

نمایشگاه کشاورزی

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